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Banner 9

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  • This Task has been designed for use by Faculty, Current Student. For Faculty, Current Student

Features available:

  • The user-friendly display allows students to see their class schedule as they add/drop courses and see the course meeting dates display in calendar view.
  • Banner 9 uses the DegreeWorks “plan” information students have built with advisers, simplifying class searches.
  • If a course has multiple errors when attempting to register, students will see all errors at once, which means no more running through them individually for resolution.
  • When registering for additional courses, if a student needs to make a change they will be able to see time conflicts and course availability before attempting to swap or change the course(s).
  • The conditional add and drop feature ensures that the student will never lose a previously registered course if an error prevents them from adding a replacement course.

For more information on how to use Banner 9 registration, we've created a tutorial video.


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