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A page for students to see the holds (academic and financial) currently on their account.

Each hold type with a start and end date (From and To) is listed with an amount, if applicable, the Originator (the office to contact regarding the hold), and any processes affected.

Some of the most common holds are:

  • Transcript Hold: a hold maintained by Student Financial Services when a balance is owed to the university. This hold will prevent a student from ordering a transcript. Students must contact Student Financial Services to resolve this hold.
  • Diploma Hold: this hold is maintained by the Office of the Registrar when a student has any other hold placed by Student Financial Services. It will prevent students from obtaining their diploma until all other relevant holds are resolved.
  • Missing/Incomplete Documents: maintained by the Office of the Registrar. This hold is placed on students who have not submitted final high-school and/or college transcripts. Final high school transcripts must include the graduation date, and final college transcripts must include all prior grades and not include current/future registration without a Request to Take Courses Off Campus. Students will not be able to register for subsequent terms without resolving this hold.
  • Health-Meningitis: maintained by the Health Center. Students must contact the Health Center and provide proof of a meningitis vaccination to resolve this hold. Students will not be able to register for courses without resolving this hold.
  • Perkins Loan Exit Counseling and Direct Loan Exit Counseling: maintained by Student Financial Services. This hold prevents students from obtaining their transcripts and diploma(s). Students who borrow money to attend colleges and universities must complete Exit Counseling to verify they understand their financial obligations to the lenders.

For questions about these and any other hold, please contact the office(s) listed in the Originator field for more information.


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