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Tuition Insurance


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Learn more about tuition insurance, which is available for purchase to protect students and parents from charges associated with withdrawal for medical reasons. The GradGuard Tuition Protection Plan is offered from Allianz Global Assistance, and this task will allow you to request additional information and sign up for the plan.

Claims process 

Please call 1-888-427-5045 to initiate/begin the claim process:

  • student will be assigned a claim number
  • Claims Department will forward the Claim Forms to be filled out by the student
  • student will provide the school the Validation Form to be filled out
  • once filled out, the school will give the Validation Form back to the student
  • if the student has any questions about their claim, they can call the number above

To begin the Claims Review Process, the student simply mails, faxes, or emails these documents back filled out:

Mail to:  Allianz Global Assistance

PO Box 72031

Richmond, VA 23255-2031

Call:  888-427-5045   Fax:  804-673-1469

E-mail to:  claimsinquiry@allianzassistance.com

  • Completed/Signed Claim Form
  • Institution Validation Form—included in claim package sent to customer but needs to be completed by the school (verifies that the student completely withdrew from school and confirms amount paid/refunded)
  • Physician Statement Form if withdrawing due to medical reasons
  • Hospital Admission/Discharge papers if student was hospitalized
  • Proof of Payment
  • if the Claims Department has questions, they will reach out to the student directly
  • if all the information needed is received, we’ll provide a response in 7–10 business days


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