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Request My Transcript


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Request a physical copy of your official university transcript. For students considering withdrawing from the university, please visit the [Official Withdrawal Information page](http://think.stedwards.edu/righttoknow/official-withdrawal-university). Additional resources: -[Transcript Request](https://stedwards.box.com/s/7f1i5qcjix164bqjzd4sr292bhad01wi) - Paper request form, must be physically signed by the student -[Transcript Request for FedEx Service](https://stedwards.box.com/s/2r4l6z4p84pbwnzhvnr0vq1m493jhi01) - Paper request form, must be physically signed by the student -[National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Request Service](https://secure.studentclearinghouse.org/tsorder/faces/TOBridge?_afrLoop=2028859022365764&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=537qknb77_4) - Electronic Request form, can be signed electronically and allows student to order PDF transcripts


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