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Lactation Accommodation

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St. Edward's University understands the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for babies and extends support by establishing guidelines to support Lactation Accommodation for staff and faculty who choose to continue breastfeeding, nursing, or expressing milk after their return to work. Although lactation areas are primarily intended for use by employees, students who are nursing parents may also have access to lactation areas.  Providing lactation accommodations aligns with the university's commitment to supporting individuals to balance school, work, and personal lives. 

The university provides an appropriate location and a reasonable amount of paid and unpaid break time to accommodate individuals who are nursing parents for a period of up to one (1) calendar year after the birth of the nursing child, pursuant to applicable state and federal laws. Ideally, the time will run concurrently with an employee’s paid break time.  Please refer to the Lactation Accommodation policy for details.

Currently, there are two dedicated rooms to meet the needs of nursing parents and these are located in the John Brooks Williams South building, room  272, and Fleck Hall, room  202. The designated lactation rooms are not single-user rooms; therefore, signage at each location shall indicate when a room is currently occupied. If multiple individuals require the use of the lactation room at the same time and are comfortable sharing the space, access to the locked room should be permitted.  Each room is secured and equipped with a lock, refrigerator, seating, and electrical outlets. Employees may, of course, use their private office area for milk expression, if they prefer.


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