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Students who borrow through the Federal Direct Student Loan Program are required to complete Exit Loan Counseling upon graduating, totally withdrawing, dropping below 6 credit hours of enrollment, or ceasing attendance at the school they're attending. Exit Loan Counseling prepares borrowers for repayment of their student loans by providing critical information about: * Anticipated Monthly Repayment * Repayment Options, including Standard, Income-Based, & Pay-as-You-Earn * Consolidation Opportunities * Public Service Loan Forgiveness To ensure compliance with this federal rule, the university places a hold on borrower records preventing the release of an official academic transcript or diploma until this requirement has been fufilled. This session can be completed through the Department of Education's Federal Direct Loan website at [studentloans.gov](https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action). St. Edward's should receive confirmation within 72 hours after you've completed this session online.


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