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Study Abroad

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  • For Current Student

As a Hilltopper, one of the amazing opportunities available to you is the chance to study abroad! This task center will take you to the various actions you will need to complete to apply to study abroad and then to prepare for your program abroad. You will need to come by the Global Engagement Office (Moody 102) and make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss options for study abroad. You will not be approved for a study abroad program without meeting in person with an advisor. During your application and preparation process, you will need to use the tasks in this task center.

First Things First:

  • Make sure your passport is valid six months past the return date from your intended study abroad.
  • Make sure you look into the student visa process for the country you want to study in (google "[Country Name] student visa application"). Using the official government site is the best way to get the current accurate info. Check if you can gather those documents. The visa is solely the student's responsibility.
  • See a Study Abroad Advisor in GEO.
  • Apply to Study Abroad: This is the St. Edward's Study Abroad Portal. You will use this site to create a study abroad profile and apply for St. Edward's approval and the program of your choice.

Additional Information:

Study Abroad Returnees:

We have a task center just for you! Please go to the Study Abroad Returnee task center for information on re-entry workshops, the Global Engagement Award and other opportunities on campus for you to remain a Global Hilltopper.


No Available Tasks

All Tasks that were previously found in this Task Center have expired or been removed.

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