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Separation Resources for Supervisors

  • For Staff

It is the goal of the Office of Human Resources to create a smooth transition when employees separate service. This supports the university's Operating Principle of treating each other respectfully.

To assist supervisors of separating employees in this transition, supervisors are asked to follow the steps outlined in the Termination Checklists below, which are also provided by our office to you upon notification of your separating employee. Resources mentioned in the checklists are also included in this task center.

Supervisors are required to contact Human Resources as soon as they become aware of an employee separating service to avoid an overpayment situation and to comply with regulations regarding the continuation of benefits.

This timely notification also supports the university's Operating Principles of working through collaboration and stewarding resources wisely.

Note: HR provides an Exit Interview Questionnaire to employees separating service voluntarily. The feedback obtained is used as a tool for continuous improvement.


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All Tasks that were previously found in this Task Center have expired or been removed.

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