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Family Leave Forms

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  • For Faculty, Staff
Family Leave provides job-protected leave (unpaid) for a maximum of twelve weeks in a "rolling" 12-month period for regular employees who have completed 12 months of benefits eligible employment for: -the employee's serious health condition -the serious health condition of an employee's spouse, son, daughter or parent -incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or childbirth -or to care for the employee's child after birth, placement for adoption or foster care. **Note:** The university requires all appropriate paid leave entitlements to be exhausted concurrently with Family Leave. Additional information like the definition of a serious health condition, the use of intermittent leave, military family leave, pay status and benefits eligibility may be found in Benefits Section of the [Employee Handbook](https://stedwards.box.com/v/EmployeeHandbook). -**[Employee Rights and Responsibilities - English](https://stedwards.box.com/v/FMLAEmployeeRightsEnglish):** Summary of rights and responsibilities. -**[Employee Rights and Responsibilities - Spanish](https://stedwards.box.com/v/FMLAEmployeeRightsSpanish):** Summary of rights and responsibilities. -**FMLA Employee Forms Packet:** To be used if an employee is requesting leave for their own serious health condition. -**FMLA Family Member Forms Packet:** To be used if requesting leave to care for a family member.


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