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Benefits Changes — Qualified Life Events

  • For Faculty, Staff

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff experiencing a Qualified Life Event as defined by the IRS — change in the number of dependents, marriage or divorce, gain or loss of coverage under another employer-sponsored plan, etc. — may be eligible to make a consistent change to their current benefit elections. Life events must be reported within 31 days of the event and the required supporting documentation must be provided to Human Resources within the same 31-day period.

  • Qualified Life Event Supporting Documentation: Provides examples of Qualified Life Events and required supporting documentation for each, as well as instructions for submitting documentation.
  • Benefits Enrollment/Changes: Log in here to request a change in coverage because of a Qualified Life Event. You will be given the opportunity to request appropriate changes to your plans. Please note that life events involving cancellation of university health benefits are subject to specific notification requirements under Texas Senate Bill 51. As such, employees must report and provide documentation of these life events by the first day of the month in which the individual will no longer be covered. If notification is received after the first day of the month, the existing coverage will continue until the end of the notification month and the employee premium will be due. The 31 day life event reporting requirement remains applicable.


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